Zac Rogers lives in rural Victoria on a bush block in a house that he designed and built as an owner-builder. Living off the grid in a solar-powered home he grows vegetables, keeps beehives, chops fire wood, and bakes bread. His dog lies on his feet while he works at his computer, and encourages him to take frequent walks and explore the outdoors.

Zac has worked for over twenty years creating training materials, programming applications, websites, instructional animations and graphics, in both corporate and freelancing environments. He is a qualified chef, has cooked in restaurants in Melbourne, the Surf Coast and Japan. He once catered for and met the Dalai Lama. Buddhism has been an interest since he was young, inspired by Buddhist artwork and writings to investigate, study, and practice Buddhism. He incorporates meditation mindfulness and dharma studies in his day to day life.

This book was written or rather coded in HTML, CSS and Javascript.